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Why the hub motor more popular on the two-wheeled bike than the mid-mounted motor?

The driving system of a two-wheeled electric vehicle is a motor, and the motor can be divided into two categories: a mid-mounted motor and an in-wheel motor. However, the electric vehicles on the market are basically equipped with in-wheel motors, while the installation of a central motor is rare. What is the reason for this? Mainly for these reasons.
Why do two-wheeled electric vehicles mostly use in-wheel motors and rarely use mid-mounted motors?

  1. The cost of the mid-mounted motor is much higher than that of the hub motor
    The cost of a mid-mounted motor is much higher than that of a hub motor, which is the core reason. The structure of the mid-mounted motor is relatively complex, including the motor, differential, flywheel, transmission belt and other devices. The cost of a set of 1000W mid-mounted motor is 800-1000 yuan, while the structure of the in-wheel motor is relatively simple, and the cost of a set is less than 500 yuan. .
    Why do two-wheeled electric vehicles mostly use in-wheel motors and rarely use mid-mounted motors?
  2. The performance requirements of two-wheeled electric vehicles are not high, and the in-wheel motor can meet the requirements
    The biggest advantage of the mid-mounted motor is that it has strong heat dissipation under high-speed driving. When the motor reaches a speed of more than 80km/h, it will emit a lot of heat. If it is a hub motor, it is easy to burn out the tires. In daily life, the speed of most vehicles is 50km/h, and the heat dissipation effect is small, and the in-wheel motor is sufficient.
    Why do two-wheeled electric vehicles mostly use in-wheel motors and rarely use mid-mounted motors?
  3. The in-wheel motor is more efficient and power-saving, and the efficiency is higher at low speed
    Compared with the belt drive of the central motor, the hub motor is directly installed on the rear wheel, and the power conversion is more direct. Since there is no energy loss in the transmission, the motor efficiency is higher and the energy consumption is lower, so it saves more power and is beneficial to the battery life. improvement.

Since the in-wheel motor directly drives the rear wheel, there is no transmission, so part of the loss is also saved. In the case of low speed, the power consumption is less and more energy saving.

  1. The later maintenance of the hub motor is simple
    Another major advantage of in-wheel motors is the low failure rate, simple after-sales maintenance and low cost. The post-maintenance of the mid-mounted motor is more troublesome. It needs to replace the belt, oil, and lubricate and maintain the differential. The post-maintenance cost is also higher.
  2. Under high-speed driving, the balance of the central motor is better.

The hub motor is installed on the rear wheel of the electric vehicle, and the rider is also inclined to the rear side, which leads to a situation where the head is light and the feet are heavy. In addition, many pedal electric motorcycles are very light in weight, and they can easily float when they are fast. . For models equipped with a mid-mounted motor, the motor is located directly under the seat bucket of the vehicle, which is conducive to balancing the front and rear center of gravity, and also enhances the vehicle’s handling performance to a certain extent.

A layman’s theory is that the efficiency should be high in the mid-mounted motor. One is that the physical mechanism is small and light, which is many times smaller than the hub motor. With the chain drive and derailleur, the whole is lighter, and the frame can reduce the weight. It can also reduce additional energy consumption. The hub motor is only simple in structure and simple in maintenance, suitable for people with weak hands and lazy people. At the same time, the production, processing and assembly are easy, the equipment is simple, the cost is low, and the labor is less. Relatively large profit margins.

The general use scenario of household electric vehicles is daily commuting to get off work, so ordinary in-wheel motors are sufficient. The high-speed electric motorcycle is a completely different “species”. When the speed of the electric vehicle exceeds 80km/h, the strength of the frame, the heat dissipation capacity of the motor, the braking sensitivity, and the bearing capacity of the battery and tire are required. very high. Therefore, the mid-mounted motor with excellent heat dissipation performance has its market!

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