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Trip to India—–Ride a tuk-tuk in India

Delhi’s subway is also well-connected. In the past few years, Delhi has built seven or eight subway lines. I only took one time. It is said that the major attractions are accessible by subway. The subway is clean and cheap. It’s not peak time when I sit, so there are seats available. I still like to be a tuk tuk!

Tuk-tuk, there is no place to go
When I was in Delhi, I came up with an experience that I can walk without walking. Tuk-tuk, tricycle, what kind of car to use. You have to take three rounds on the 500-meter road. I know how to pay for tuk-tuk and tricycle, and of course it is the payment method of the locals. Three rounds of 500 meters to 1,000 meters are 10 rupees per person, with a maximum of two people sitting. One kilometer to two kilometers is 20 rupees per person. No matter how far away it is, it is not suitable to sit in three rounds of manpower. A tuk-tuk (tricycle) can seat more than 4 people, and 10 rupees per person is enough for a short distance when sitting together.

Tuk tuk everywhere
Those ten rupees and twenty rupees are usually paid by the locals. It is difficult to pay the local price every time. The main thing is that it is only a small amount of money. Who is embarrassed to bargain the price every time? At that time, it was purely a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment of bargaining with others, which has nothing to do with money itself. I am addicted to doing this. When I go to places like Egypt and Morocco where scammers and forced buying and selling are prevalent, I immediately get excited, sometimes to the point of becoming crazy.

The posture is always so graceful
Tuk-tuk drivers usually like to chat if they can speak English. When they come up, they will definitely ask me where I came from. I talk about China 70% of the time and 30% of them elsewhere. It depends on the situation at the time. Mood. When talking about other countries, the response of the other party was relatively flat, and only praised you for a good place. When talking about China, the situation is completely different. The other party will show obvious excitement. Almost everyone will say that China is good, China and India are good friends, and they like China. I feel strange every time, thinking that they are trying to please customers, or do not understand the recent disputes between China and India. When asked, they almost knew but didn’t mind, let alone to please me, they really liked China in their hearts.

I can see you everywhere
I am ashamed, and I thought that not many Chinese like you. The driver of Agra heard that I went to Amritsar and watched the flag-lowering ceremony at the India-Pakistan border. He said that he liked to watch it the most. He has already visited it nine times. I was very surprised to know how close it is to go from Agra to Amritsar. Asked him why, he said he felt proud of being an Indian every time he watched it. He said that he is a Muslim, and he also likes Pakistan and Pakistanis, but he loves India more.

Really handsome
This is not the case with Japur’s driver. He took the initiative to bring up the Sino-Indian war in 62 years (he said it was corrected by me in 67 years). I asked him if he knew that the relationship would occasionally be tense now. He said he knew that he supported China. . I was taken aback again. Asked him why, he said that China is a Muslim. Now I understood a little bit, and asked him if he wanted to say that China supports Pakistan? He said yes, he himself is also a Muslim. I laughed and said it was wrong; he said it was not wrong, he would support any country he wanted to support. This is his freedom. He said that religion is higher than the country. Could it be that India does not have the word “indian”? Some words I think it is appropriate for him to use it. Not only should he wear a “indian” hat, it is not wrong to even engrave it on his forehead.

I can still sit a lot of people
The traffic chaos in Varanasi is something I have never seen so far. I called a tuk-tuk once, and it was said that I would stay there for 500 rupees for an hour back and forth. My driver dashed from left to right and was extremely brave. When I sit behind him, I feel like “My brother Zhang Yide, taking the first level from the army of a million is like trying to get something”. After life and death are out of the way, I will have a strong sense of pleasure, and then I will ride in a less powerful tuk-tuk. It’s not in place.

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