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The cargo rickshaw tricycle tuk tuk market

Under the long-term market pressure of the tricycle industry, as well as the recent increase in raw material prices and increased supervision in various regions, the industry reshuffle process has entered an unprecedented new stage, and the market has begun to gradually eliminate off-brand and third- and fourth-tier tricycle companies. The law of survival of the fittest in the industry is obvious. In the tricycle industry in 2020, brand concentration is becoming more and more obvious, and the reshuffle is still intensifying. The industry “Matthew effect” is obvious. The strong are getting stronger and the weaker and weaker, and some brands have been eliminated.

Since an important function of rural electric tricycles in the past was to pull goods, three-door electric tricycles have become the main model of electric tricycles due to their excellent practicability enough to meet the needs of consumer groups in various aspects such as daily travel and loading of goods. However, since the current market potential of the three-door has been basically tapped, the caravan has quickly become the new favorite of the electric tricycle market relying on its huge advantages in driving comfort and protection from wind and rain.

Compared with rural areas, electric tricycles in cities have a more serious impact on traffic efficiency. Although on the consumer side, electric tricycles are under increasing pressure from policies, in the postal express industry, electric tricycles are currently undisputed rigid demand, and there is no large-scale replacement for electric tricycles among the current lightweight transportation vehicles. The product of tricycle appeared.

From the general trend of the industry, the future tricycle industry will be more standardized and pay more attention to technological innovation and brand operation, and terminal services will also form a standardized, integrated and networked operation mode.

The new crown epidemic in 2020 and the turmoil of the world pattern may continue in 2021, but the road of transformation and upgrading of the tricycle industry will also continue. From the general trend of the industry, the future tricycle industry will be more standardized and pay more attention to technological innovation and brand operation, and terminal services will also form a standardized, integrated and networked operation mode.

  1. Industry standardization

From the law of social development and change, the birth of a new thing is an objective and inevitable phenomenon, and standardization is also an inevitable trend. Although the implementation of tricycle standards is a long-term task, it will eventually become a trend. Of course, industry standardization depends on the self-discipline within the industry and the guidance of the state, and the detailed management of the rectification of tricycles has been put on the agenda.

The most concerned technical standard in the tricycle industry is undoubtedly the “National IV” emission standard for motorcycles officially implemented in 2019. Regarding “National IV”, it is believed to be a vocabulary that tricycle companies, merchants and consumers are most concerned about in the past year. Although some companies have implemented it strictly in accordance with the standards, some companies have not implemented it or adopted a fluke mentality to temporarily not implement it, but The promulgation of a technical standard must be strictly implemented. Only when companies consciously abide by and implement the “National IV” standard can the tricycle market enter a healthier, fairer, and orderly market competition model, which is also more conducive to the healthy development of the tricycle industry.

  1. Technological innovation

The so-called technological innovation for the application of enterprises, in fact, is to achieve this kind of new knowledge, new technology, new technology, including new production methods and business management models to improve product quality or create new business models or new business models. Service, a process of occupying the market and realizing market value.

Technological innovation is the real way out for the industry. With the increasing maturity of the tricycle market, consumers’ demand for tricycles is more than just transportation. Only by constantly innovating and subverting industry cognition can the industry’s homogenization deadlock be broken, consumers’ consumption pain points can be identified, and a way forward A brand new road.

Three, branding

At present, tricycles are in the late stage of growth, with increasingly mature technologies, rapid expansion of production capacity, strong market demand, and fierce competition. Small and medium-sized enterprises with small production capacity, lack of brand effect and product innovation have been eliminated one after another. The future brand is the golden rice bowl. Whoever has the awareness of brand operation can occupy the commanding heights.

With the development of the situation, the increasing brand awareness of dealers and consumers has greatly contributed to the acceleration of the industry’s branding development. Under the mandatory requirements of the market’s qualifications and catalogs, dealers have begun to focus on operating large brands. , And consumers have begun to identify with big brands under the request of being listed on the road. The choices they make are prompting the industry to quickly move closer to the first-line brands.

From the perspective of the situation, the branding of the industry will complete a big leap in 2020. With the development of branding of the tricycle industry, the follow-up will surely bring more changes to the industry.

  1. Service standardization, integration and networking

With the increasing maturity of the tricycle market and the continuous expansion and improvement of the dealer network of various brands, the future marketing model will pay more attention to terminal services. Under circumstances, quality service is even more important. In today’s market, distributors of individual brands have started exploring and experimenting with service standards, integration and networking.

Standardization is the basis for the rapid development of the industry and the basis for further improving user experience. Only standardized products and services can promote the sustainable development of the industry. Only through the establishment of common business and operating standards through standardization, can we further promote the alliance of strong and powerful industries, so as to further obtain a large number of high-quality customers and become the market leader.

Integration is to make the service content, service products and service scope more clarified and detailed, so that consumers can be more clear about the service process, and service personnel can be more clear about service responsibilities, so as to provide consumers with more assured and clear after-sales service. After-sales service is more refined and considerate.

Networking is a booster for the rapid operation of services. All the large and small outlets distributed under the dealers are connected in series to form a network. When users need service assistance, they can organize nearby outlets to serve them through networked operation, which can improve the speed of service. Responsiveness.

Fifth, the dealer head

The heading of dealers is an important trend in the tricycle industry. Dealers will also start to reshuffle in 2020. At this time, they will be tested on two points, one is what brand they hold in their hands; the other is whether they have completed the conversion of the full-category announcement model.

In the tricycle industry, leveraging is particularly important, and the most important thing is to choose a good brand. For dealers, it is necessary to correctly judge the manufacturer’s ability to upgrade and shift gears, optimize and adjust their product portfolio, or focus on big brands. Grasping the trend of branding, upgrading products and quality, and taking advantage of the power of the brand to seize the opportunity in the industry reshuffle.

2020 has passed in a hurry. The key word of this year is undoubtedly the “new crown pneumonia epidemic”. The world economy is closely revolving around the control of the epidemic and the development of vaccines. China’s tricycle industry has also found its own path of development under this status quo. It has achieved impressive performance in terms of resumption of work and production, product technology and service innovation, product manufacturing and sales, and set a goal for the development of the tricycle industry in 2020. With a successful ending, I believe that the tricycle industry in 2021 will take more powerful steps and create new brilliance.

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