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The Cargo bikes at Euro 2021

Cargo bikes at Euro 2021: Bigger, wilder, more advanced

Electric-assist cargo bikes are great means of transportation and always have a place at Euroshow (and our review). This year, though, we’ve seen the type take a big leap forward in both purpose and design. From industrial, commercial applications like loading real containers on pallets, to making grocery shopping faster and safer for you and your family. Below are six brands that show what cargo bikes look like in the future.

Sblocs Calderas One

The rollable design makes this car different from other models with front cargo space. When turning, the wheels follow the bank, making the handling feel close to that of a conventional bike.

It’s not just your body that leans, it’s the front wheels of the car, allowing the cargo bay and its associated tilt to counter centrifugal force. Imagine, in a car, things slide to the left when you turn right. The cargo bike, which leans when turning, is so stable that it feels like its center of gravity is lower than the ground.

The complicating part is that the lean of the vehicle is not tied to the steering, but leans as you want. The lady in the picture showed us the features of the car and had a brief chat. She said it felt a little weird the first time, but you got used to it quickly.

The polymer apron can generate resistance against the tilt of the vehicle and avoid the situation of the vehicle swaying from both sides. The vehicle can also remain upright when stopped.

The non-electrically assisted version of the car starts at 5,295 euros. But if you’ve ever tried to pedal with your legs and take your kids out, trust us, the 6,295 euro electric-assist version is worth the money.

This bike uses a Brose motor and Rohloff internal shifting hubs. There are standard and “hybrid” versions (the one with the mountain wheels in pic 1).

Anywhere.Berlin AWD

This cargo bike from Anywhere.Berlin features a bakfiets-style frame that places cargo space between the user and the front wheel. Unique to this bike is the all-wheel drive design, with motors on the front and rear hubs. The massive battery pack sits under the shelf and looks like it will allow the car to pull anything and go anywhere.

The manufacturer also offers a medical version and an off-road version. Their website looks a little weird though. If you want to see some real car photos, then you can open the website and have a look.

Gleam Escape

The Gleam Escape has a different handling of cargo space settings and wheel roll. They use a full-suspension design, combined with their own Dynamic Tilt Technology, to keep the cargo smooth over bumps or corners.

The two 20-inch rear wheels are each mounted on independent cantilevers and move in opposite directions when cornering, creating a leaning effect that occurs when cornering a normal two-wheeled bike. Because both rear wheels are attached to the suspension, bumps are overcome, whether through corners or straight ahead.

The cargo platform has side flaps to help you secure your cargo. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides matching shelves, which can be stuck on it to maximize the use of space. The total load is 200kg (including rider weight), but you can add a trailer if you want to pull more.

This is a Class 1 electric bike with a Bosch Performance CX 250W motor and an Enviolo Cargo Automatic internal shifting hub. The two rear wheels are individually belt driven. The front wheel is 27.5 inches, with a suspension fork, and nearly full-coverage fenders. The base price of the car is 6,995 euros (excluding taxes), and there are several upgrades, such as upgrading the shelf or upgrading to two 500Wh batteries. See the Gleam Bikes website for more information.

SUM X Full Carbon Fiber Full Suspension Cargo Bike

The SUM X is a modular four-wheeled cargo electric bike. The carbon fiber body makes it a total weight of just 46kg, including carbon fiber reed shocks for the rear wheels.

The front wheel links and rear wheel reeds are both carbon fiber. Other parts that don’t need metal are also carbon fiber.

The cargo platform is also full carbon fiber. There are three versions with short, medium and long wheelbases, and the corresponding cargo platform lengths are also different.

The main frame is one-piece carbon fiber. The motor and transmission that drives the front wheels are mounted on it. The battery life is expected to be around 60 kilometers.

Front and rear lights are standard, including a rear brake light. The wheel set is aluminum alloy, and the four wheels are hydraulic brakes, which is suitable for a car with a maximum load of 300kg.

FlexiModal BicyLift Pallet Trailer

BicyLift uses a beautiful two-stage connection design, using the wheel as a fulcrum to lift a lot of weight. The system slides into the bottom of the tray and then attaches it to the body.

Once the pallet is secured, attach the trailer to the bike and you’re good to go. Or you can just drag it away. There are brakes on the trailer so you don’t have to sacrifice control. The manufacturer also made a standard flatbed trailer called Runner, which has a narrower body and is suitable for the driving track of bicycles. Lightweight, the European Class 1 standard (upper limit 250W) electric assist bicycle can also be pulled.

Baumeister hub motor pallet truck

If you need to pull something heavy, Baumeister’s quad hub motors can help. The new model even uses an electric lift. Once you’ve parked the car, it will help you lift the tray to the car more easily.

The front wheel can turn with the bike, making your handling easier.

Baumeister also offers many styles of trailers, from cargo to people, as well as powered wheels and sleds that you can put anywhere to add power to your vehicle.

In other word, more advanced cargo bike designs will be created and make into a reality in soon future! ALA CYCLES, can build your cargo bikes as your designs shown and requirements. welcome make enquiry us and talk further details….

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