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New cargo deliver tricycle tuk tuk appears

There is another new “automaker” in Japan. This venture company “ElecTrike Japan”, located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, received model certification from the Japanese government agency on June 8. So, what exactly are the cars that the company can list in Japan?

The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism decided on June 8 to grant a license for mass production to ElecTrike Japan, a three-wheeled electric vehicle (EV) venture company in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Obtaining this license means that the company has been granted the qualifications of an automobile manufacturer.

In this way, after Mitsuoka Motors, which was certified as a model in 1996, a new car manufacturer was born in Japan for the first time in 19 years. ElecTrike Japan President Matsubaden is scheduled to hold a press conference with Mayor Fukuda at the Kawasaki City Hall on the afternoon of June 15 to reveal the three-round EV.

Modified from India’s gasoline tricycle

What ElecTrike Japan will reveal is the three-wheeled EV “ElecTrike” whose main brand has the same name as the company. Imported gasoline tricycle body from Bajaj Auto, a major Indian motorcycle manufacturer, and assembled it on electric vehicles for mass production.

ElecTrike Japan has started its plant in Toyama Prefecture in February this year and has set an annual production target of 100 vehicles. However, the company is also considering selling to Asian countries in the future.

The appearance of the three-wheeled EV is exactly the same as the “motorized three-wheeled” that used to shuttle through the streets of Japan. In post-war Japan, both Daihatsu and Mazda produced national motor tricycles, and they were still seen traveling in urban areas until the 1980s. However, this kind of motorized three-wheeled vehicle is prone to rollover when turning sharply in a curve or skidding in the rain. With the rise of light vehicles in the 1980s, the motorized three-wheeled vehicle gradually disappeared in Japan.

After ushering in the EV era, President Matsuba, who was born as a rally driver, established ElecTrike Japan in 2008 with the goal of creating a new generation of automobile manufacturers. President Matsuba has hired technicians from Japanese domestic automakers in the company. In order to reproduce the motorized three-wheeled scenery (participation, pictures, inquiry), technicians repeatedly implemented improvements. In particular, the unresolved stability problem has been solved by using separate motors to drive the left and right rear wheels to give a speed difference when turning.

President Matsuba confidently said: “After repeated experiments, a motor tricycle that will never tip over has been realized.”

No seat belt

ElecTrike is equipped with high-performance small batteries. It can be charged with a household power supply, and it can travel up to about 60km on a single charge. In order to extend the battery life, it is not equipped with air conditioning.

The model is classified as a “light motorcycle with side bucket” in Japan, and a normal car license is required to drive. It adopts a doorless design, does not use seat belts, and does not have to wear a helmet like a motorcycle.

The top speed is about 60km per hour. Single rider, the cargo box can carry up to 150kg of goods. With battery services and EV characteristics, it is expected to be popular in places where there are few gas stations such as mountainous areas.

ElecTrike’s chassis is also excellent, and it can be easily controlled by women and elderly people who are not confident in driving ordinary cars.

The nostalgic scenes of the Showa era may soon reappear on the road.

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