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How to import the cargo bike from China?

The so-called cargo bicycle, the English name is cargo bike, as the name suggests, is a bicycle that can carry cargo. Different from ordinary bicycles or electric vehicles, cargo bicycles can carry more weight first, secondly allow manual pedaling, and thirdly, they are good-looking. There may not be many such vehicles in China, but in Europe, freight bicycles are highly used and have various structures.

  1. Three advantages of cargo bikes:
  2. It has a large load capacity, is convenient and safe, and has great potential in short-distance transportation in cities.

Compared with ordinary bicycles, cargo bicycles can use the same manpower to transport more goods – usually more than 200kg, and are more convenient and safe.

Compared with cars, cargo bicycles are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and economical, and their small size can also be used in small streets and narrow alleys – something that a car cannot do.

If you add a battery, an electric-powered cargo bike has more advantages in climbing and short- and medium-distance transportation.

Of course, this is not to say that cargo bicycles can replace cars. Large-scale commodities such as washing machines and refrigerators cannot rely on bicycles. But for many small goods, cargo bicycles are very promising in realizing the “last mile” distribution of express companies.

  1. The best parent-child transportation for short trips with children.

For parents, a bike with the body in the front saves a lot of hassle: they can put children, toys, and odds and ends in the cargo hold, and then exercise on the bike while supervising the people sitting in the cargo hold. You don’t have to play any gibberish, and you don’t have to worry about crying and annoying like taking a bus or subway. For children, the car body is a semi-open space that is very safe, comfortable and interesting.

Young parents can also put the stroller in the cargo hold, as long as it’s the right size, and then take it off and push it away when it arrives at its destination.

  1. Make it easier to sell goods.

For street vendors, a cool-looking bicycle is not only convenient for sale, but also a beautiful appearance can attract more attention. Bicycles with larger bodies can better achieve “storage and sales integration”.

The above advantages make cargo bicycles very popular in western countries. And a good-looking cargo bike is full of emotions, with its own highlights, and it is quite eye-catching when it is packaged a little. At present, Europe is discussing how to make cargo bicycles play more functions, and relevant organizations are working hard to find more profit points and development space. There are specialized cargo bike fan organizations abroad, which regularly organize discussions on modification and so on.

However, when we look at the country, we will find that the cargo bikes in the photos are completely non-mainstream in China.

  1. Why are cargo bikes that look very tall not popular in China?

It is understood that at present this kind of cargo bicycle is produced by many manufacturers in China, but they are all exported foreign goods and not sold in China. Of course, there are no cargo bicycles in China, but they have a more down-to-earth name – human tricycles.

  1. There is no such cargobike culture in China.

There are quite a few cargo bike associations/organizations abroad, which hold the International Cargo Bike Festival every year. Everyone rides all kinds of cargo bikes to the streets, but there is no corresponding atmosphere and culture in China. .

  1. The profit margin is limited, and the market prospect is not very promising, so there are few people who do it.

After all, the requirements of the Chinese market for bicycles are generally strong and durable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and multi-purpose. It is precisely because of this concept of consumption that mountain bikes will become the highest-selling models in China, and the mountain horse party will become popular. We can’t blame anything. On the one hand, this is the human nature of developing countries, and on the other hand, the deep-rooted consumption habits cannot be changed significantly in the short term. Are you saying that Chinese people have no money to buy bicycles? Actually not, but because he does not recognize this value.

At the European Bike Show, a cargo bike decorated with antlers attracted a burst of cameras.

Why are Europeans snapping up bikes?

Behind the popularity of overseas orders for bicycles is that, as the epidemic in Europe eased, countries began to gradually “unblock” starting in early May. Europeans are finally able to go out, but they are still afraid to take public transportation. For safety, they have begun to snap up transportation tools.

U.S. bikes under $1,000 are sold out, and bike inventory is bottoming out. Sales in Spain rose 22-fold.

According to media reports, by the end of April, many stores and distributors across the United States had sold out of low-end bikes (including e-bikes) under $1,000.

Now, the U.S. is facing a severe shortage of bicycles as the global supply chain is disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, unable to meet surging demand.

Some bike shops in Brooklyn, New York, doubled their usual bike sales, and a chain of bike sales in Phoenix, Arizona, tripled their sales.

A retailer in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., sold all of its entry-level bikes by the end of April, and in its 50-year history, bike sales have never been so hot.

HS Code: 87120090.00

Other non-motorized bicycles

0:Brand type;1:Export preferences;2:Use [competition type, mountain type, off-road type, etc.];3:Wheel diameter;4:Brand;5:Model;6:GTIN;7:CAS;

MFN import tax rate 5% VAT rate 13%

  1. Bicycle import and export declaration process
  2. According to the actual situation of the customer’s current imported bicycle accessories, the import and export plan
  3. Customers provide packing list, contract, invoice, bill of lading and other information
  4. According to the relevant customs supervision conditions of the goods, declare to the relevant departments and prepare the customs declaration documents
  5. Arrange the customs declaration documents and submit the declaration to the competent customs;
  6. Customs review price and pay tax
  7. Release
  8. Pick up
  9. The customs declaration company delivers to the door
  10. Information required for customs clearance of bicycles for import and export
  11. Packing list
  12. Trade contracts
  13. Invoice
  14. Bill of Lading
  15. Agency customs declaration and inspection entrustment agreement
  16. Declaration elements for import and export of bicycle accessories: (for reference only, the details are determined according to the customs of imported bicycle accessories)
  17. Product name
  18. Purpose
  19. Model
  20. Brand

Beginning in early May, as the epidemic in Europe eased, countries began to gradually “unblock”. Europeans are finally able to go out, but they are still afraid to take public transportation. For safety, they have begun to snap up transportation tools. Affected by this, the export volume of China’s bicycles and electric vehicles has skyrocketed, and “local tyrants” models with tens of thousands of yuan have also been snapped up. Manufacturers work overtime, and orders are still placed one month later.

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