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Cargo bikes has the potential future market?

In the late 19th century, with the invention and popularization of bicycles in European and American countries, the use of bicycles to transport goods has gradually become a demand.

In the early twentieth century, a man in England came up with the idea of ​​placing a large wooden box in front of the bike rack, so that instead of turning the front wheel when turning, the entire box was the steering wheel, the first classic car. The cargo bike was born. While still flimsy looking, it is a true milestone in the history of three-wheeled cargo bikes.

By the 1930s and 1940s, the cargo bike market was at its peak, a common symbol of the working class. A number of companies are making cargo bikes, most notably a bike called the “Long John”. The Long John features a long wheelbase, is relatively easier to drive than three-wheeled, agile, and has a smaller footprint.

After World War II, the family’s economic needs were very large, and cargo bicycles gradually became the standard configuration of merchants and street vendors. These merchants could carry goods from door to door to sell daily necessities, food, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Even the early giants made their fortunes without this kind of cargo bike.

Whether it is 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled, cargo bicycles have gradually become a tool for almost every household in the European market, especially in the Netherlands, not only for transportation purposes, but also for parent-child vehicles. Everyday parents Take the kids to school, then drop by the market to bring home the daily necessities of food.

In particular, many families have at least two children, and if they use ordinary bicycles, the children sit in the back seat and are out of sight, and they are afraid of being unsafe. This kind of cargo bicycle is very suitable for the needs of parents.

In the 1960s, pickup trucks quickly became popular in the market, with high efficiency and large carrying capacity, and became the standard for enterprises and businesses. By the 1980s, only one manufacturer was still making cargo bikes, but it was producing fewer than 100 a year. At this time, the car was already king, and the cargo bicycle was officially regarded as an old and inferior means of transportation, and the cargo bicycle gradually disappeared from the stage of history.

But in order to perpetuate this cargo bike culture, and at the same time let people know that it is not just about cargo (leisure, competition, entertainment, etc.) The competition continued until 2007.

With the rise of electric transportation, and various countries putting electric transportation and reducing carbon emissions on the agenda, the reform of urban logistics system, the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, urban congestion and other factors have led to the re-entry of cargo bicycles. The market, unlike before, is powered by electricity.

And it is more gradually subdivided in type, in addition to cargo,

carry children

There are also special ones for pets.

There are also models with the rear of the cargo box and so on.

In particular, the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has also accelerated the market growth of cargo electric bicycles, and cargo bicycles have also become the delivery vehicles for some urban logistics express delivery.

And recently, a French company, ECOX, designed a cargo electric bike as an emergency ambulance.

A survey shows that in an accident, every minute the rescue work is slowed down, the chance of survival of the wounded will decrease by 10%, especially on congested roads, where ambulances cannot reach the scene quickly. , you can quickly shuttle between the traffic flow.

It is specially designed to deal with sudden traffic accidents and vehicle jams that affect rescue work.

In the future, the electrified cargobike may be applied to more subdivisions and evolve into designs that adapt to more subdivisions, with huge market potential. Do you think the electrified cargobike will continue the booming market it was decades ago?

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Stevenford, the General Manager of ALA CYCLES, professional on the MTB,E scooters bike, cargo bikes for more than 15 years tll now.

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