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Another option for travel: Electric Cargo Bike

At present, my wife has the fourth bicycle, the tenth bicycle in the family, and the only electric bicycle in the family for the time being.

After moving, due to the terrain, ordinary bicycle travel has become more difficult, especially when two more children are to be dragged. Out of curiosity, we put the Cargo Bike as our top pick. The car was chosen by my wife. I didn’t participate much. The price was too expensive to buy, and the price was too cheap to worry about the quality. In the end, I found a Cargo Bike with acceptable price and acceptable quality.

There are not many choices of relatively low-priced Cargo Bikes. To be honest, I have never heard of Bakfiets before, and I saw that the translation is a bicycle with a box.

Compared with the three-wheeled Cargo Bike, I think the appearance of the two-wheeled bike is much higher. Purchased additional child seats with 5-point seat belts.

I chose Shimano’s Nexus 7-speed for shifting, why did I choose this? because it’s cheap…

Under normal circumstances in the city, the internal variable speed power boost should be enough.

Shimano’s E6100 electric assist system, with a maximum torque of 60Nm, is barely enough for us.

The giant bell and the small display screen can simply prompt information such as power and current speed.

Heavy Duty Cargo Bikes, produced in the Netherlands, just wait for time to tell what the quality is.

It should be a 20-inch small front wheel with Big Ben tires.

The rear wheel is 26 inches, and the tires are also Big Ben. The wheels are Andra 40, which is a common wheel brand for reloading station wagons.

I have no idea when the shoelaces on this seat cushion were used.

The retro headlights are directly connected to the motor, the brand is unknown, the brightness is not bad, and the possibility of being replaced should be quite large.

This car is also long overdue due to a global shortage of bicycle parts. So far, I have started for a week, and I am generally satisfied. It saves a little time to drop off the child in the morning and pick up the child in the afternoon compared to taking the bus. More importantly, it is the freedom to travel.

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Stevenford, the General Manager of ALA CYCLES, professional on the MTB,E scooters bike, cargo bikes for more than 15 years tll now.

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