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About the cargo bike WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE?

About the cargo bike WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE?


Warranty In order to maintain the warranty on your cargo bike, it’s important to have an inspection performed within 4-12 weeks (or after 100 km) to check the main components. This can be done by us, but you can also go to a local bicycle repair shop. Make sure to keep the receipt as proof. Our website tells you which components should be inspected during this first maintenance check. 

Maintenance It is important to maintain your cargo bike. Regularly lubricate moving parts and make sure cables remain flexible. To keep the box in good shape, we recommend a rain cover, rain tent or cargo bike cover. This will protect the box from the elements. Damage to the paint makes the wood vulnerable to moisture. It can be treated with a clear lacquer, suitable for outdoor use. We recommend you have your cargo bike serviced once a year. Keep the service and maintenance receipts for warranty purposes.

 Cleaning & treatment Regularly clean your cargo bike, it will help your bike last even longer. Be careful when using water around the electronics and battery. We recommend that you remove the battery from the cargo bike when cleaning it. Never use a pressure washer. 

Many parts of the cargo bike require grease/oil or Vaseline lubricant. Don’t remove these lubricants, or re-apply them after cleaning the bicycle. Regularly lubricate the moving parts such as the chain and sprockets. CONTACT Please contact our customer service for more information or if you have questions or need advice. Y

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